Unique Stitch Fabric Adhesive by Collins Item # W-7902


Unique Stitch is an adhesive developed to bond fabric to fabric. Protect work surface with a paper towel. Unscrew cap. Tube is ready to use. To apply, gently squeeze tube from the bottom. Use a straight pin to clean nozzle if it becomes clogged. Replace cap when tube is not in use. HEM skirts and pants - Apply fabric cutouts, ribbon, bias tape, rickrack, rhinestones and pearls to garments. BOND - Velcro strips and zipper tapes to fabric. JOIN elastic and yarn ends together. Unique Stitch is a non-toxic water soluble adhesive. A damp cloth will remove a mistake if corrected before the adhesive dries. Once dry, the bond is permanent and the garment can be washed and machine dried. Some fabrics hold the bond through dry cleaning , some do not.