Sulky Tender Touch Stabilizer 1 Yard by 20" # 664-01


Sulky® Tender Touch™ Iron-On Backing

Tender Touch™ is a lightweight, permanent stabilizer that is ideal to "cover-the-back" of finished computerized
embroideries to protect sensitive skin from scratchy stitches. It can also be used as a preparation for all delicate
fabrics like silk, satin, lame', batiste, open weave wovens, and lightweight cottons to help prevent shredding or
distortion due to heavy needle penetrations when embroidering.

Tender Touch protects the fabric by giving it the needed support while embroidering, without changing the hand or
drape of the fabric. It is ideal for baby and child garments, sports apparel, lingerie, spandex and golf shirts because
it stretches with the garment.

Another layer of Tender Touch can then be applied over the underside of the embroidery to protect sensitive skin
from scratchy stitches.

Tender Touch is ideal as an iron-on lining in garment construction.

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