Sulky Fuse N Stitch Stabilizer 1 Yard by 24" # 663-01


A permanent, crisp, heavyweight iron-on stabilizer

Ideal for projects that need extra stiffness and retained support. Iron in place wherever a
permanent interfacing might be used. Perfect for continuous hoop embroidery, tote bags,
lamp shades, purses, bookcovers, scrapbooking, wallhangings, etc.

Download Instructions for Use

Great for.........

•Stitch Designs on Medium to Heavyweight Fabrics
•Dense Embroidery Designs
•Crazy Quilting
•Fabric Bowls
 •Home Decorating Items
•Table Runners
•Heirloom Sewing
•Wing-Needle Work
•Reverse Bobbin Work
•Endless or Continuous hoop embroidery
•Fabric Scrunching
•Fabric Pleating