Sewing Gauge by Collins Item # W-79


This handy sewing gauge serves many uses for the home sewer in measuring and marking. Hem widths, tucks & pleats, scallops & circles, spacing buttons & buttonholes. Hem Widths -Turn up inside of the garment on the hemline desired. Use the sewing gauge to determine the correct length. Tucks & Pleats - Can be various widths. The slider on the sewing gauge can adjust to any desired width. Scallops & Circles - The sewing gauge has a hole in the end of the ruler and also in the nylon slider. Place a pin in the hole at the end of the ruler and then put your marking pencil in the hole on the nylon slider half the size of desired scallop. Pivot to make scallop. Spacing Buttons & Buttonholes - Since buttonholes are spaced equally apart the slider on the sewing gauge can be adjusted to the desired spacing of buttonholes. To size a buttonhole use the sewing gauge to measure the diameter of the button but allow 1/4" extra for thickness of the button.