Petite Press Mini Iron ~ by Dritz Item # DE29500


Portable mini-iron heats and holds temperature in seconds with four temperature settings. Its lightweight design, adjustable head, digital control pad and ergonomic handle
make it perfect for travel, quilting, or iron-on designs.

~ Instructions ~

1. Before heating, adjust handle position by loosening right knob on side of iron.
Rotate handle up or down until desired position is achieved.
Tighten knob to secure handle position.

2. Plug cord into outlet, then turn iron on by pressing the Off/On button located on
digital pad on top of handle.

3. Select desired temperature setting by pressing Up or Down button located on digital pad.
Iron is fully heated when light stops blinking and beeping sound is heard.

4. Use attached stand to reset hot iron when not in use.

5. Never leave iron unattended and follow all safety precautions.

6. Iron should cool completely before storing.

~ Warnings ~

1. High temperatures may damage some fabrics so begin with a lower temperature setting. Before
pressing, test fabric swatch by gradually increasing temperature to determine proper setting.

2. Always use iron on flat ironing surface. Make sure stand is set in proper position.

3. Never leave iron unattended.

4. Follow all safety precautions.

5. Iron is not a toy and is not intended for use by children without proper supervision.

~ Temperature Settings ~

Setting 1: Approximately 80F - 120F
Setting 2: Approximately 110F -150F
Setting 3: Approximately 140F - 180F
Setting 4: Approximately 170F - 210F

AC10 Watt 110 Volts


Occasionally the soleplate will need cleaning. Use a product specifically for iron cleaning such
as Iron-Off™ by Dritz® and follow manufacturer's instructions for proper use.

Before using iron after cleaning, test iron on scrap fabric to ensure no residual cleaning solution
remains. This can stain some fabrics. Do not use water to clean any part of iron.