Marti Michell Large Diagonal Triangle Quilting Ruler Template 7014Z

$20.00 $17.77

At last! One multi-size ruler offers a no-math solution for cutting both the corner triangles and the larger setting triangles that are needed when patchwork blocks are set on point. Not just for use with our patterns ~ these rulers can be used with any diagonal set quilt design that needs corner and setting triangles.

Features the same corner concept as all Marti Michell templates.

Marti Michell Rulers are the perfect tool for quilters. They have smooth edges and are crack resistant. They are also made of clear acrylic, so you can see exactly what you are cutting.
Diagonal Set Triangle 6"-16"- Diagonal set quilts require cutting two different right trianges. Use this "no math" ruler to cut both sizes of triangels from the same-width strip of fabric.