Marti Michell Flying Geese Quilting Ruler 5 Sizes 8040A

$14.00 $12.77

Marti Michell Rulers are the perfect tool for quilters. They have smooth edges and are crack resistant. They are also made of clear acrylic, so you can see exactly what you are cutting.

Flying Geese in 5 Sizes:

2 1/2" by 5"
3" by 6"
3 1/2" by 7"
4" by 8"
4 1/2" by 9"

Use this ruler to make Flying Geese units for blocks, borders, and entire quilts. Includes 2 1/2"x 5" to 4 1/2"x 9" and three sizes in between.

Instructions come with the ruler. Just cut strips according to the widths marked on the ruler and align the ruler on the strips using the appropriate horizontal or vertical line to cut triangles. Nip the points using the ruler's special engineered corners for perfect sewing alignment.