Marti Michell 4" (Set D) Square Patchwork Template 7822

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These 1/8" thick acrylic templates have corners engineered for perfect alignment and seam allowances added on. Use with rotary cutters to cut multiple layers at a time.

Marti Michell Templates include full size quilt templates of precision laser-cut acrylic. A 1/4" seam allowance is already added. These wonderful tools are perfect for hand or machine piecers.

Set Perfect Patchwork D 4" Square Bonus- 8 pieces include: triangle with 4" hypotenuse; right triangle with 2" and 4" legs; kite with 2" legs; 4"x 2" rectangle; trapezoid with 2" legs; 4"x 1.25"x5.25" trapezoid; square with 2" diagonal; and a right triangle with 1" legs.

There are grainline arrows which are silk-screened on the templates as guides. Each piece is labeled with its size and/or the set number it belongs to, so there won't be any confusion!