Kaleidoscope 6"-16" Kaleido-Ruler Marti Michell 7977

$18.00 $15.88

Michell Marketing Rulers are the perfect tool for quilters. They have smooth edges and are crack resistant. They are also made of clear acrylic, so you can see exactly what you are cutting. Kaleido-Ruler Large- Make blocks like Spider Web, Crossed Canoes, Kaleidoscope and more in 11 sizes! 6" to 16" every inch.

How to use the Kaleido-Ruler

1. Pick a finished block size. Find it on the blunted 45° end of the Kaleido-
Ruler and cut strips the width printed
on the ruler. Then use the Kaleido-
Ruler to rotary-cut the isosceles
triangles for the interior.

2. To cut the corner triangle strips:
On the longest side of the Kaleido-
Ruler, align the desired finished
block size with the evenly cut edge
of fabric and cut strips that width.

3. To cut the corner triangles: Turn
the ruler and align the finished block
size with the edge of the strip. The
point should touch the opposite
edge of the strip.