Iron-Off Hot Iron Cleaner by Dritz Notions Item # D575


Removes starch, fusible webs, and detergents. Non-Flammable, Non-Toxic, Non-Abrasive. Iron-Off will not remove discoloration in metal finish.

~ Instructions ~

1.Empty water from iron and set on COTTON. Do not use on cold iron.

2.Squeeze about 2" of Iron-Off onto thick folded cloth.

3.Rub hot iron over cloth in circular motion. If build-up is heavy, repeat application.
Any smoke is normal and part of the cleaning process.

4.After cleaning, thoroughly wipe iron with clean, thickly folded cloth. Be sure all Iron-Off
is removed from steam vents and around edges of sole plate before using iron.

TIPS - Clean near an open window or ventilation fan if iron build-up is heavy.
Cotton swabs, can be used with cleaner to clean steam vents.
Spots from cleaner can be washed out or removed with spot cleaner.
Use frequently to avoid heavy build-up on iron.