Hem Jeans Quickly With JEAN-A-MA-JIG Dritz Notions D915


Use for topstitching and machine hemming over thick seams. Use on jeans, jackets, towels, quilts, uplholstery and home dec projects. Can be used with any sewing machine.

~ Instructions ~

1.Press and pin jean hems.

2.Begin stitching, stopping 3/4" before thick seam.
With needle in down position, raise presser foot.

3.From back of presser foot, slide Jean-a-ma-jig up to
thick seam allowance, lower presser foot.

4.Slowly stitch across seam and off jean-a-ma-jig. With needle in
down position, raise presser foot and remove Jean-a-ma-jig.

5.Move Jean-a-ma-jig to front of presser foot.

6.Lower presser foot and continue stitching onto Jean-a-ma-jig.

7.Stop when completely on Jean-a-ma-jig and lower needle into fabric.
Raise presser foot and remove jean-a-ma-jig. Continue sewing.