Heavy Seam Foot for Baby Lock Sewing Machine


Product Description

Heavy Seam / All Purpose Foot

This foot features the capability to jump over large lumps while sewing.

The foot has an angle position locking button.

Here's how it works.....

Step 1. Sew toward heavy seam as normal(like that found on jeans)

Step 2. Sew/climb half way over the heavy seam. At this point the foot will be at an angle trying to climb over the heavy/thick seam.

Step 3. Stop Sewing, Lower needle into the heavy seam and raise the presser foot lever so that the foot is no longer touching the fabric.

Step 4. Level the presser foot by pushing on the "toe" of the foot and push in the black locking button on the side of the presser foot then lower the presser foot back down onto the fabric.

Step 5. At this point the foot should no longer be at an angle. Half of the foot should be on the heavy seam and back half of the foot will be hanging off the heavy seam.

Step 6. Sew very slowly until you have sewn over the heavy seam.

This foot can be used for just about anything. The foot has a super smooth underside and is designed for everyday type sewing. Can be used with any of your machine's stitches.
Fits the following models of Babylock....

B15 (B15)
B17 (B17)
Ellageo (BLL)
Quilter's Choice (BLQC)
Quilter's Choice (BLQC2)
Ellure (BLR)
Ellure Plus (BLR2)
Espire (BLSR)
Esante 1 (ESE)
Esante 2 (ESE2)
Ellageo 1 (ESG)
Esante (ESI)
Esante 2 (ESI2)
Ellure (ESL)
Encore (ESN)
Espire (ESP)
Intrigue (INT)
B21 (B21)
BL1550 (BL1550)
BL1556 (BL1556)
Denim Pro (BL16)
Denim Pro (BL18)
BL2160 (BL2160)
Design Pro (BL22)
Design Pro (BL23)
Creative Pro (BL37)
BL6150 (BL6150)
BL6200 (BL6200)
BL6300 (BL6300)
Xscape (BL66)
BL6600 (BL6600)
BL6700 (BL6700)
BL6800 (BL6800)
BL7800 (BL7800)
BL8800 (BL8800)
Crafter's Choice (BLCC)
Crafter's Choice (BLCC2)
Decorator's Choice (BLDC)
Decorator's Choice (BLDC2)
Ellegante (BLG)
Ellegante 2 (BLG2)
Ellegante 2 (BLG2-NZ)