Ezy-Hem Gauge by Dritz EZ Pattern Alteration Tool D617


Hems - 1/4 to 4" on a straight edge and 1/4 to 2-1/2" on a curved edge. Pockets, Pattern Alterations, Belt & Waistbands-turn and press edges. Patches & Appliques - turn and press edges before stitching in place. Made of metal.

TIPS - Use with a steam iron.

CAUTION - Ezy Hem Gauge may be hot while pressing with iron.

~ Instructions ~

Press all hems from the fold up. This eliminates ridge marks on the right side of the fabric.

1.Turn up fabric along hem line, insert Ezy-Hem Gauge and press.

2.Move gauge along hem line and continue pressing.

1. To ease hems, stitch 1/4" from raw edge, using a basting stitch.

2.Turn up fabric along hem line, insert Ezy-Hem Gauge. Using a pin, pull up
stitches every few inches until hem lies flat, press.