5MM Pearl Piping Cording Foot for Baby Lock Sewing Machine


Product Description

Pearls, Piping and Large Cording

Made of clear plastic. This foot has a very large groove under the foot allowing you to sew over beads up to 5 mm in size. Sews corded pin tucks, sews piping 1/8", 1/4" & 3/8" (for piping your machine must have a left or right needle position).

Step (1) Snap the beading foot on the machine.

Step (2) Set stitch pattern to zigzag and make the zigzag width slightly wider than the strand of beads you want to attach. Set your stitch length about half way.

Also Create Corded Pintucks

Step (1) Use the right size of twin needle according to the size of cord you are using. Allow the width of the cord to fit between the needles.

Step (2) Set your stitch length about half way. And leave your tension set for normal sewing.(usually 4 or Auto)

Step (3) Place the presser foot down and the cord under the groove of the foot.

Great for Piping Too !
Simply set your machine for straight sewing. Set needle postion to left or right(depending on what side you are sewing)

Fits the following models of Babylock....
B15 (B15)
B17 (B17)
Ellageo (BLL)
Quilter's Choice (BLQC)
Quilter's Choice (BLQC2)
Ellure (BLR)
Ellure Plus (BLR2)
Espire (BLSR)
Esante 1 (ESE)
Esante 2 (ESE2)
Ellageo 1 (ESG)
Esante (ESI)
Esante 2 (ESI2)
Ellure (ESL)
Encore (ESN)
Espire (ESP)
Intrigue (INT)
B21 (B21)
BL1550 (BL1550)
BL1556 (BL1556)
Denim Pro (BL16)
Denim Pro (BL18)
BL2160 (BL2160)
Design Pro (BL22)
Design Pro (BL23)
Creative Pro (BL37)
BL6150 (BL6150)
BL6200 (BL6200)
BL6300 (BL6300)
Xscape (BL66)
BL6600 (BL6600)
BL6700 (BL6700)
BL6800 (BL6800)
BL7800 (BL7800)
BL8800 (BL8800)
Crafter's Choice (BLCC)
Crafter's Choice (BLCC2)
Decorator's Choice (BLDC)
Decorator's Choice (BLDC2)
Ellegante (BLG)
Ellegante 2 (BLG2)
Ellegante 2 (BLG2-NZ)